All You Need to Know About Goyu’s Sliding Door Damper System


When purchasing sliding doors, security is a major factor. With its distinctive small track and high load capacity, Goyu’s Sliding Door Damper systems provide security and style. The Goyu 300 system is a top-hung sliding door with a lifetime smooth glide operation cycle that can be controlled with just one finger.

Our easy-to-follow visual instructions make installation a breeze, and the glide mechanism is thoroughly tested to assure the greatest possible performance over time. A sliding door system may effectively insulate your home, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer . Energy-efficient glazing can reduce condensation on the window while also preventing energy loss.

Goyu’s systems minimize space while also allowing natural light into your living areas and enabling uninterrupted views and access to your outdoor spaces thanks to our proprietary design.

Door Systems That Fold:

In confined locations, such as when opening onto a balcony or patio, sliding patio and French doors are unsuitable. Goyu’s Sliding Door Damper systems allow doors to fold neatly and do not hinder access. Bi-fold doors are designed to fold and stack neatly against one or both sides when open, making them a perfect choice for wheelchair users who want to travel freely inside and outside or from one room to another.

On hot days, completely extending your bi-fold patio doors will give additional airflow while also expanding your living space. Goyu’s Sliding Door Damper systems have been thoroughly tested to withstand all types of weather.

Goyu Sliding Door Damper is the market leader in terms of quality, elegance, and security. We stay ahead of the competition because of our unique approach. Bi-fold doors from Goyu are incredibly secure and may be used in both residential and business settings.

Advantages of a Soft Close Door:

A soft shut door system is also available from Goyu. The operation is smooth and effortless, reducing the risk of children’s fingers becoming trapped. The soft-close door technology has been tested over 100,000 times and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Our Soft Close Sliding Door Damper technology prevents slamming doors from damaging door frames. Soft-close guarantees that doors are always correctly closed, minimizing maintenance and extending the life of your doors. Hydraulics are built into soft-close systems, so when you close the door, the hydraulics take over and silently close it. As the iconic “thump” sound illustrates, not all self-closing rollers are soft-closing.

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