4 Reasons Why You Need Goyu’s Soft Close Buffer In Your Home

The best kitchen designs go beyond the polish of the cabinets, the layout’s creativity, and the worktop material used. Storage solutions, clever hygiene maintenance, and practical accessories are all factors that may transform a good kitchen into one that meets all of your needs and paying special attention to these and other hidden solutions of soft close buffer from Goyu can help to create something truly innovative.

Quiet & Peace:

Slamming doors can exacerbate feelings of stress, especially in busy households. It might be distracting to have numerous people doing different things in the kitchen at the same time. The amount of noise created is substantially reduced with a gradual shut hinge, providing for a much more pleasant experience in the kitchen.

A More Pleasurable Encounter:

Soft closing hinges are becoming so widespread that we may one day find them in almost every home. Most guests, however, are surprised by this particular style of fitting at the present. The soft close buffer from Goyu impresses not just because of the amount of attention to detail they represent, but also because of the elegance with which they help unit doors glide shut with little to no assistance and with considerably reduced noise!

Preventing Wear & Tear:

Some of the furniture in your home that gets a lot of wear on a daily basis will eventually need to be maintained or replaced. Soft close hinges, on the other hand, drastically minimize the impact with which the leaf of each door strikes its frame, reducing damage and ensuring that all of your fixtures stay in good condition for that little bit longer, saving you unneeded money.


The safety feature of soft close buffer from Goyu is especially crucial for families with little children, who are more likely to have their hands trapped in the doors. This function, however, can benefit the entire family. The hinge’s mechanism decreases the speed with which your kitchen cabinets close, giving you more time to get your hands out of the way and allowing the door to close with less force, resulting in fewer and considerably less serious injuries if fingers are trapped.

The soft close buffer hinges from Goyu can be used in a variety of places in the kitchen. Both top and base cabinet doors are frequently slammed due to intensive use. Soft-close cabinet door hinges will come in handy in this situation.

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