3 Reasons Why You Need Sliding Door Soft Closer System from Goyuchina

It is impossible to overstate the importance of wardrobes and drawers in the home. However, if you’ve had your wardrobe or drawers for more than ten years, odds are they’re still traditional. You know, the sort that advertises your closing to the entire house. If that’s the case, you’re in desperate need of an upgrade, specifically a soft-close drawer system of Goyu and a sliding wardrobe.

The sliding door soft closer systems of Goyu provide a variety of advantages and superiority over standard drawers and wardrobes, in addition to adding a touch of class and flair. Here are a few examples:


Sliding door slamming is one of the most effective ways to dramatically reduce their lifespan. When sliding doors are slammed shut in China, the force applied gradually weakens the components, causing them to wear out more quickly.

Slam-closing is nearly impossible with the sliding door soft closer method of Goyu — no matter how hard you try. The mechanism is designed to absorb the closing force, and the slow-closing mechanism kicks in a few inches before the sliding door closes entirely, guaranteeing that the sliding doors close smoothly.


The sliding door soft closer technology of Goyu fully eliminates the risk of damage to children from closing drawers. With traditional drawers, this type of mishap is prevalent among children, particularly toddlers. The “slow-motion” in the last few inches of the drawer closing allows the children to remove their hands before it closes, and even if the hands are not removed, the mechanism will stop closing once it comes into contact with them. In any case, children’s safety is guaranteed. Exuberant children are also prevented from banging doors and drawers shut.


Did you know that one of the most important elements determining the longevity of any piece of equipment or appliance is the amount of “stress” it experiences while in use? When we open and close traditional drawers, they normally experience a lot of stress. Though this stress may not be noticeable on the hinges right away, it has cumulative effect months or years later, when the hinges begin to produce more noise as we use them.


You may easily extend the life of your furniture by using the sliding door soft closer method. The safeguard system guarantees that only the smallest amount of force is applied while closing the drawers or sliding door, ensuring that component wear is kept to a minimum.

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